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Info for Performers

Interested in performing? If you're a solo or duo acoustic act, drop us an email!  Local performers a plus!

What you should know about our concerts:

 Admission is usually $10-15 sliding scale donation, but let us know if you have other requirements. All of that goes to you, the performer. Often kids attend for part of the evening and we leave the donation amount up to the parent’s discretion for that.

 Since kids often attend, nothing raunchy until after they have departed, please. We do our best to have the kids be quiet and attentive, and ask them to leave if they're being distracting. Thanks in advance for understanding.

 We do not provide a sound system.  Feel free to visit beforehand to check out the space if you think you might need to bring one. The Common House performance space is not huge, but it is significantly larger than an average living room. 15 - 25 people in attendance is common.

 If you have posters or postcards, please also send some of those to us in advance of the show. If not, we’ll make up our own, but they probably won’t be as nice as your pretty, color ones.  If you have an electronic press kit or even just a good photo, we can work off of that – please send the link or image.

 We'd like to get people excited about your music before the performance. If you send us samples of your CDs we'll get familiar with your work, play it around the community and talk up your upcoming visit. Contact us to get a snail-mail address.  Most grateful for that! 

 Tell your friends and fans!  It’s especially nice for the performers to have some of their buddies there.

Overnight accommodations may be available for a fee in one of our community guest rooms. Please contact us to inquire.

Those are the basics. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, to stop by to check out the space, etc.